The Minimalist’s Small Kitchen Appliances

The Minimalist’s Small Kitchen Appliances

I am in the kitchen constantly cooking as our garden explodes and offers us the best of the best things. So I gathered up a few of my favorite small appliances and tools that help me feel like a rock star in the kitchen. I am a minimalist so I have gotten down to the EXACT things I use and feel are worth the investment. We don’t like excess in our home so these items are the ones I cannot live without. This is my minimal list of small kitchen appliances for cooking fresh food daily in your kitchen.

Food Processor:

We use this nearly every other day. I thought for a long time I could replace the food processor with the high-speed blender, but there are many things I use this exclusively for such as making pie dough or shredding potatoes, and so on. It has a lot of uses when you are cooking with fresh ingredients. I am not into all the pieces of it and which it was more minimal but the number of functions and things it can do for me in the kitchen is why I have it on the list.

High-Speed Blender:

I love my blender and make SO many things with it. We use it almost daily in our home from smoothies to sauces and more. I have a Blendtec which is slightly cheaper, but I dream of a Vitamix one day.

Instant Pot:

This is my go-to for cooking chickenmaking broth, cooking beans, rice, and quickly nailing a great soup. It is amazing what it can do and I feel like I haven’t even touched the surface of the things it can do for us. The Duo Evo can also replace a slow cooker as it has a slow cooker setting. I never use my crockpot anymore because of it.

Nut Milk and Juicer

This one is questionable on the list, but I have loved this thing so much because it saves me from hand-straining things. Instead, you can just process your soaked almonds and easily separate the nut meal from the milk and the same thing when you juice things. The process is more about grinding and slow extraction as well so you preserve more nutrients than just macerating or blending the fruit or nuts.

Immersion Blender:

I use this to make smooth soups more than anything and we do it so often that I consider it essential in our home. It takes up very little room as well. There are other uses but in the winter and fall, I use this all the time on applesauce and soups or even mashed potatoes.

Stand Mixer:

I keep wanting to believe I don’t need this but it keeps coming back as an essential for me. The space it takes up and the weight of it is a lot, but it is a workhorse in the kitchen, and all the attachments you can add for pasta and so on are just too good for the homesteading kitchen. Not to mention it makes it easy to make your butter.

Hand Mixer:

I love this for whipping something quick to save me from pulling out the larger mixer but needs more tending. It is my go-to for whipping eggs.


Everyone needs a good toaster but you don’t need a huge one. A little two slicer will do and this one is great!

Water Kettle:

I use heated purified water all the time and this one has a temperature gauge and a way to set it so you can easily know how much water and at what temp. This is great not just for tea and coffee but also for quick pickling and bread making.

 What small appliances do you consider essential in your kitchen? What things can you not cook without?


by Megan Gilger

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