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Passport Holder and Luggage Tags Set

Passport Holder and Luggage Tags Set

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  • Beautiful Combo Set - Made of the same high-quality PU leather with matching colors, our passport and luggage tags combo have everything you need for a hassle-free and worry-free travel experience.
  • All-in-One Passport Holder Large clear window for your vaccine card or driver's license. 2 large pockets and 5 card slots to hold everything from your passport, boarding pass to cash, credit cards, and SIM cards. Included ballpoint pen comes in handy when you need to fill out customs forms or take notes.
  • Strong Elastic Band Helps keep all your travel essentials securely in place and can also hook your passport holder onto the suitcase handle.
  • RFID-Blocking Carbon Fiber Layer Effectively prevents contactless credit card theft.
  • Two Luggage Identifier Tags Help you quickly spot your luggage in a sea of suitcases. They can also assist in finding your luggage if it gets lost or misplaced at the airport, in the taxi, or in the hotel.
  • Privacy Window Design for Luggage Tag Displays your name only and keeps all your other personal information out of sight.
  • Strong Stainless-Steel Cable with Screw Collars Keeps your luggage tag firmly fixed to your suitcase or bags.
  • Made of Durable Materials in Strong Construction Our passport and luggage tags set are waterproof and resistant to tear and wear during long international travels.
  • Seven Attractive Colors to Choose From Easily find a set that matches your taste and personality. The passport holder and luggage tags combo also make a perfect gift for your family and friends who are planning for their exciting international travel adventure.

      Product Specifications

      • Passport Size: 5.7" x 4.1" x 0.5"
      • Luggage Tags Size: 1.6" x 2.9"
      • Materials: PU Leather, PVC, RFID-Blocking Carbon Fiber
      • Weight: 2.5 oz.
      • Color: Rose Gold
      • RFID Blocking: Yes
      • Waterproof: Yes

      Package Contents

      • 1 x Passport Holder
      • 2 x Luggage Tag

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