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Memory Foam 3D Sleep Mask

Memory Foam 3D Sleep Mask

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  • 3D Contoured Design - Unlike a flat blindfold that rests directly on your eyelids, our contoured weighted eye mask features eye cups that arch over your eyes, allowing them to flutter during sleep.
  • Unique Nose Baffle Design - While other sleeping blindfolds may fail to effectively block out brightness, this blackout eye mask has a unique nose baffle design that ensures 100% blackout.
  • Soft and Breathable - Made of soft memory foam, the ComfiTime night mask for sleeping feels smooth and soft against the skin. It remains breathable even in hot summer conditions.
  • Adjustable Strap - Fits a wide variety of face shapes and accommodates various sleeping positions.
  • Reinforced Hem - The fabrics of the eye cover for sleeping are sewn together, ensuring enhanced comfort and durability.
  • Use at Home, Office, or Away - This lightweight eye cover is perfect for sleeping while traveling, in bed, or for an office afternoon nap, regardless of your preferred sleep position. The velvet storage bag ensures easy packaging and protects your sleep mask from dust.

Product Specifications

• Material: Soft Memory Foam
• Color: Black
• Size: 9.8 in x 4.1 in
• Washable: Yes

Package Contents

• 1 x Sleep Mask
• 1 x Velvet Storage Bag

Other Information

Cleaning Instructions:
• Hand washing: Fill a basin or sink with lukewarm water and add a mild detergent.
• Submerge and soak: Immerse the sleep mask in the soapy water and gently agitate it for a few minutes, ensuring the detergent reaches all areas.
• Rinse thoroughly: Rinse the sleep eye mask with clean water until all the soap is removed. Avoid twisting or wringing the mask, as this can damage its shape.
• Drying: Gently press the sleep mask between clean, dry towels to remove excess water. Then, lay it flat on a dry towel or hang it up to air dry. Avoid using a dryer, as the heat can cause damage.

Tips for Extending the Lifespan of Your Sleep Mask:
• Avoid excessive stretching or pulling to protect elastic bands and fabric.
• Handle the mask gently during cleaning and adjustments to maintain its shape.
• Store the sleep mask in our bonus protective bag when not in use to prevent dust and snags.

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