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5-Piece Drill Brush Set With Splash Shield

5-Piece Drill Brush Set With Splash Shield

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  • Unique Design of Splash Shield - The blowback of water, soap and chemicals during cleaning is not just annoying but also dangerous. It can enter your power drill or your eyes, and cause damage. The SPLASH SHIELD designed by ComfiTime aims to protect you and your power tools from these potential risks. It is easy to install and fits most regular-size drill brushes.
  • Durable and Effective - Our drill brush set uses 0.41mm industry-grade Nylon bristles, compared to 0.33 mm for other brands. As such, it is more durable and meant for long lasting use. It also has 30% more bristles per square inch than similar products, for faster and more effective cleaning.
  • Detailed Instruction - Our drill brush attachment kit comes with a detailed user instruction manual to take the guesswork out of your cleaning job. It gives a detailed explanation for the different purposes of the brushes and pads. It also provides a step-by-step guide on installing splash shields and brushes.
  • Versatile Uses - Our durable basic set of drill brushes and 6-inch extension bit allow you to reach anywhere while cleaning. It is comprised of one 4-inch flat brush that’s good for flat & large areas such as bathtubs and shower tiles, a 2-inch brush for detailing work and small corners, and a rounded brush ideal for corners and curved surfaces where flat brushes cannot reach.

Product Specifications

Package Contents

• 1 x 5.5-inch Splash Shield
• 1 x 2-inch Short Detailing Brush
• 1 x 3.3-inch Original Brush
• 1 x 4-inch Flat Brush
• 1 x 6-inch Extension Bit
• 1 x User Manual

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