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Contour Gauge With Lock, 10-in and 5-in Combo Set

Contour Gauge With Lock, 10-in and 5-in Combo Set

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  • Name-Brand Equivalents at a Lower Price - Ever wonder if you are overpaying for big brand products? Our ComfiTime contour gauge profile tool was made by the same OEM manufacturer for the biggest contour gauge brand on the market. Our product follows the same quality standard but sells at up to 30% lower prices. Plus, it offers extra benefits: 1) 10 and 5bundle for large and small profile duplication; 2) 50% deeper to work for both shallow and deep contours.
  • Precise Shape Duplication - Using 1/16” fine pins, our product can capture subtle surface profile variations, and with the lock feature, it can copy, lock and precisely transfer any shapes. Unlike metal pins which bend easily, our pins are made of high-quality ABS material which offers a good balance of dimensional stability, surface hardness, impact, heat, chemical and abrasion resistance. Therefore, our contour gauge stays precise for years.
  • Solid Metal Lock and Core for Both Durability and Elegance - Being durable is just as important as being precise. Compared with many other contour gauges which use plastic for the lock and core, our product uses high-strength Aluminum for these key functional parts. A strong metal core means that the pins will be securely held in place and won’t break loose.
  • 50% Longer Pins for Deep Contour Duplication - Our product is designed with your needs in mind. Our pins are 50% longer than the regular contour gauges, therefore they can reach the depth that most other contour gauges can’t. Our contour gauge duplicator is a great woodworking tool for transferring both shallow and deep contours.
  • Adjustable Tightness of The Pins - Feeling more comfortable with tighter or looser pins? We put the control in your hands! With the provided mini-Allen wrenches (2x), you can adjust the gaps between the pins as you need by turning the two screws at the end of the contour gauge.
  • Ideal Gift Choice - With Vibrant colors, ComfiTime Contour Gauge 10” and 5” Set come along with the Double-Sided Rulers in both SAE/Metric large or small profile. You can duplicate any shape instantly in woodworking, auto metal sheet, stainless steel or any job of contour duplication. Without a doubt, it’s a perfect gift for father, husband, son and friends who love DIY projects in any occasions.

Product Specifications

• Material: ABS plastic (the pins and frame), Aluminum (the lock and core)
• Sizes:10x 5.1 ; 5 x 5.1
• Measuring Depth: 0 – 3
• Color: Orange

Package Contents

• 1 x 10 Contour Gauge
• 1 x 5 Contour Gauge
• 1 x Instruction Manual
• 2 x Mini-Allen Wrenches

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