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USB Rechargeable Electric Lighter, Combo Pack

USB Rechargeable Electric Lighter, Combo Pack

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  • 360-Degree Flexible Long Neck - The 5.7-in flexible long neck of our electric lighter offers unparalleled convenience and precision. Its flexibility allows you to reach and ignite candles, stoves, grills, or other challenging-to-access areas with ease. Whether you're lighting a deep candle jar, a pilot light in a confined space, or a grill with intricate components, the extended, flexible neck ensures you can reach the desired spot effortlessly.
  • Sleek Design - With a solid metal casing in a shiny or matte finish, our electric lighter feels as elegant and futuristic as it appears. Hold the metal, zinc alloy wand in your hand and feel the balance of weight. Produce a bright and powerful concentrated arc ignition from its tip by nudging your thumb forward on the switch.
  • Wide Application - With our reusable electric lighter, you can light candles, kitchen stoves, fireworks, BBQs, and more.
  • Perfect Gift Choice - Our lighter comes in a large rigid cardboard gift box with a foam and velvet insert. The gift box looks just as elegant as the lighter itself. Also included in the package are a USB charging cable and a detailed user manual. With seven color options, our plasma lighters make perfect gifts for your friends and family.
  • Safe to Use - Plasma lighters contain no flame or fire, have no sparks or smell and are windproof. You only hear a high-pitched soft noise when you use the lighter. The built-in safety lock, short-circuit and over-heating protection provide extra layers of safety. Its 7.5-in body keeps your hand at a safe distance from the fire source.
  • Cost Efficient - The rechargeable electric lighter saves you cost in the long run. When charged, it can be used around 300-500 times before you need to recharge it.
  • Easy Storage - Our electric lighter comes with a solid metal loop at the end. It can be hung to the wall or kept in the foam-cushioned storage box.

Product Specifications

• Color: Black / Blue / Gold / Green / Rose Gold / Silver / Purple
• Sizes: 7.48*0.63*0.43 in / 11*0.63*0.43 in
• Weight: 1.9 oz
• 300-500 Ignitions per Full Charge
• Auto-off After 10 secs of Inactivity
• Safety Lock: unlock before pressing the power button
• LED Battery Indicator: 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%
• Charging Time: 1-2 hours

Package Contents

• 2 x electric lighter
• 1 x USB charging cable,
• 1 x user manual,
• 1 x gift box

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