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Rechargeable Dimmable Motion-Sensor Night Lights

Rechargeable Dimmable Motion-Sensor Night Lights

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  • Auto Mode and Stay-on Mode - The IlluminLabs LED night light operates in two modes to suit your needs. In the auto mode, the light is activated by motion in the dark. It automatically turns off after 25 secs of no motion detected. The stay-on mode provides constant lighting when you need a stable light source.
  • Long Range Motion Sensor Equipped with a powerful motion sensor, the LED lamp can detect motion up to 10 ft away and at a 120o angle.
  • Adjustable Brightness Easy to adjust to your desired brightness. Simply long press the power button for continuous dimming or brightening.
  • Rechargeable Battery with USB Charging Cable No wiring or power outlet required. Operating on a built-in rechargeable Li-Ion battery, our night lights are more cost-efficient than alkaline battery-powered lights. Each light comes with its own USB charging cable so you can charge the lights simultaneously.
  • Baby and Kids Friendly Being dimmable and coming with either cool white light or warm white light, our night lights are perfect for nursery or kids bedroom.
  • Large 1000 mAh Battery Capacity Compared to 400 - 600 mAh for similar products, our night lights have a longer battery life and can provide 10 to 70+ hours of lighting depending on the brightness level. Larger battery capacity also means less frequent battery charging.
  • Stick-on Wall Lights With a magnetic back plate and a 3M sticky base, our night lights can be easily attached to and removed from any surfaces in the house, be it wall, furniture and cabinet etc.
  • Lightweight and Portable Weighing just 1.8 oz, our night lights can be used as a portable light when in the stay-on mode.
  • Under Cabinet Lights Can be used as closet lights, under cabinet lights, stair lights and more.

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